Are you in the GTA? Do you like cupcakes? Do you want to eat cupcakes for a great cause? Then Cupcakes for Haiti is for you!

Susana Molino, aka @FoodPlayground is hosting Cupcakes for Haiti on Saturday January 23rd 9:00 am to 1:00 pm at her home, 125 Eastwood Road. All proceeds will go to Doctors Without Borders, @MSF_canada. Coffee, juice and cupcakes will be available; cupcakes will be priced between $2 and $5.

How you can help:

a)      Making a donation of baked goods, cupcakes or something else.
b)      If you own or know of a bakery that might be willing to make a donation, please contact Susana.
c)       Go to Susana’s house on the 23rd to buy a cupcake.
d)      All of the above.

When I asked Susana what her motivation was she said:

“I have not read or watched any news reports about Haiti, I just keep seeing the covers of the dailies. My family and I have a very deep rooted connection to Cuba, Haiti’s neighbour, and it’s just too easy to imagine the ‘what ifs’ of this having happened in Cuba. I decided to do something on Thursday, late morning, so I called one mama friend, told her I wanted to do ‘something’, she said ‘whatever you do, you know you have my support’…. All funds raised will be donated to MSF/Doctors without Borders; our family are huge supporters of their work. My husband has photographed for them, on a volunteer basis, so he can vouch first hand at their legitimacy.

Let’s help Susana with this incredible effort for a great cause.

For more information, contact Susana at 416.906.6037 or find Susana on Facebook.